Playing classical violin + electric violin
Violin Duo
String Trio/Quartet
Piano Trio/Quintet
String Quartet

Tolkien Ensemble 2009
To play in an orchestra is my passion and a big part of my life, since I started to do it at the age of 6. I could not even read the notes in the beginning, but one day I ran home shouting: ”Mother, mother, I can read the notes!”. I have worked officially as a freelance orchestra player since my graduation 2003. I am mostly playing in the main city area in Denmark, but sometimes I get a chance to join the other orchestras more far away.




At the moment I am working for the Next church concert: 18th of November 2015, with Vedbæk Church Chamber ensemble. Closer to Christmas I will be playing e.g. in Bach’s Christmas Oratory. I have played many years in a piano trio, Trio Tremolo, in Finland. Since I came to Denmark, I have been playing in many different ensembles. Some of them just made for a one concert, some of them for a bit longer time. For example Tolkien Ensemble, Vedbæk Church Chamber Ensemble, Copenhagen Stravinsky Ensemble,Duo Roth-Penttinen and a Trio Gimelia.




TEACHPlaying with the Hungarian ViszlaING
From January 2012  I have had a job as a violin teacher and a string orchestra conductor in a Ballerup Music School, in Ballerup Denmark. At the moment I am receiving more and more students, and trying to customize my life between teaching, freelancing and parenting.

I started and learned to play violin with a SUZUKI-method, yhe first 4 years. In my own teaching, I use my experiences from Suzuki school and the methods I learned during my pedagogical studies at The Helsinki Conservatory of music and methods I have been studying while teaching in Ballerup Music School. My ‘method’ is a mixture of Suzuki, Color Strings, Paul Rolland school, Helsinki Conservatory and ”Katariina” -School. I am very interested in conducting. I was studying it two years at the Helsinki Conservatory, and hoping one day to continue the studies. At the moment I can sharpen my skills as a string orchestra conductor at the Music School.